The Software can be used to administrate the members in an organization, a club etc. :
         Join the members
         Remove the members
         Make newsletter mailing lists to the post
         Charge the members for subscription by use of Direct Debit.
             The Systems uses the standard of the bank “Betalings Service” (Nets), so you                                         cannot use the Direct Debit system on another bank without rewriting some

             of the code.

5)          Make simple statistics for a club


The system is written in ACCESS 2017 (VBA, ADO and SQL), so you can change it and add to it yourself. The programs are in the ACCESS2017 database AdminiPrograms2017.accdb. All the databases are also Access2003 .mdb databases.


The Danish Rowing-club: "Danske Studenters Roklub" uses the system .

The character code, used to make files to PBS, is the normal windows default code.

The system is compacted in the file

The system can be used on a computer with ACCESS 2017 installed.

If you want to write e-mails direct from Admini2017, then you also have to install MS Outlook. You must also have MS Word and MS Excel installed, if you want to call Word and Excel from Admini2017. You must install the system in the folder C:\Admini.

You can
read a description of the system. The description is included in with the name ReadMe_2017.docx.


The system is freeware for non-commercial use.


Use of the system is on your own risk.


Click if you want to download  the system (1456 kB)    version 2018 March 08


Ole Hansen



2018 March 08


Membership Software, Club Administration software for MS Access 2017.

All databases are .accdb databases.

It uses the direct debit standards of the Danish bank: PBS. The ”Betalings Service Total ” standard is used. You can not use this program or any earlier versions of Admini to ”Betalings Service Basis”.

You can get information about PBS standards etc. on the site:

Pengeinstitutternes Betalings Service

Admini2017 Download Page